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Arturo Rivera Wife: Is Arturo Rivera Married? Who Is Arturo Rivera Girlfriend?

Arturo Rivera
Arturo Rivera

Arturo Rivera was a well-known ring announcer, commentator, and interviewer in the pro wrestling business and did commentary for Lucha Libre AAA. He initially entered sports news coverage in 1983, covering events like the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the 1990 World Cup in Italy, as well as boxing and Olympic occasions.

At the point when AAA began to air on Televisa following the promotions’ establishing in 1992, he joined their discourse group, combined with Dr. Alfonso Morales.

The team would frequently contend life, with Rivera supporting the rudos (heel grapplers) over the technicos (babyfaces) – where his epithet El Rudo was conceived.

Arturo Rivera died on February 10, 2022, aged 67.

Is Arturo Rivera Married?

Arturo Rivera, the renowned ring announcer, and commentator was never married.

Who Is Arturo Rivera Girlfriend

Arturo Rivera managed to keep his relationship stuff private as there is no vivid information about his relationship status. It is safe to say Arturo Rivera was single.



Arturo Rivera Cause Of Death

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