Anna Delvey Instagram: Has Anna Delvey Deleted Instagram? What Is Anna Delvey Instagram?

Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin)
Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin)

Fake German heiress and IRL Russian scammer Anna Delvey was found guilty in a New York court on Thursday on charges of “bilking hotels, restaurants, a private jet operator and banks out of more than $200,000,” the New York Times reports.

Delvey—aka Anna Sorokin, a “Russian immigrant from a middle-class background”— tricked the world into believing she was an heiress by dressing in Supreme and Acne and dining at Le Coucou and faces up to 15 years in prison on grand larceny charges. Delvey has made headlines throughout her trial process for showing up in court in a wide range of semi-inappropriate, weirdly ’90s-inspired ‘fits—remember the black cocktail dress and choker?—but through all this courtroom turmoil, there’s one aspect of Delvey’s public persona that she seems to have overlooked: her Instagram.

Has Anna Delvey Deleted Instagram?

Anna Delvey is still active on Instagram. The latest checks indicate that Anna Delvey has over 161K followers.

What Is Anna Delvey Instagram?

Anna Delvey whose real name is Anna Sorokin Instagram account name is @theannadelvey.

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