Amou Haji (World Dirtest Man) – Wiki, Age, Kids, Last Shower

Amou Haji
Amou Haji

Amou Haji is the World’s Dirtiest Man who hails from Iran, who it’s doubted that he has not taken bath for more than 60 years. He lives alone in a small home at Kahrar-e Dejgah village of Iran. It’s mentioned that he had confronted a number of melancholy in his youthhood days. Like Amou, Kailash Singh from India is the second dirtiest one who has not taken tub for the past 35 years.

Amou Haji Wikipedia

Amou Haji is yet to be profiled by Wikipedia.

Amou Haji Age

Amou Haji is 87 years old as of this article in 2022. Amou Haji was who was born in 1935.

Amou Haji Religion

Amou Haji shares his belief in Islam.

Amou Haji Place Of Birth

Amou Haji was born at Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah Province, Iran.

Amou Haji Hometown

Amou Haji comes from Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah Province, Iran.

Amou Haji Children

Amou Haji has no children.

Amou Haji Wife

Amou Haji is not married and he is not involved in any relationship.

Some information about Amou Haji

  • Amou Haji used to live alone and he likes to eat solely rotten issues like porcupine meat and others.
  • He smokes 5 cigars at a similar time. He smokes a lot of cigarettes per day.
  • He uses a hearth as an alternative to scissors to trim his hair.
  • Amou took his last, final tub in 1954.

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