What Is The Mascot For 2022 Winter Olympics?

2022 Winter Olympics Mascot
2022 Winter Olympics Mascot

Much of the world’s attention was on the Beijing National Stadium on Friday as the venue hosted the opening ceremony for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The stadium commonly referred to as the Bird’s Nest because of its design, also hosted the opening ceremony for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Beijing is the first city in history to host both a Summer and a Winter Olympics.

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the ceremony, and he was joined by many international dignitaries. But notably absent were leaders of major democratic powers, like Great Britain, Australia and Canada are among those to join a US-led diplomatic boycott of these Games, citing Beijing’s human-rights record.

This is the second Olympics to be held during the coronavirus pandemic.

What Is The Mascot For 2022 Winter Olympics

2022 Winter Olympics Mascot

2022 Winter Olympics Mascot

A giant panda named Bing Dwen Dwen (冰墩墩) is the official mascot of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The new Olympic mascot will serve as an ambassador for winter sports, bringing joy to those who participate in and watch the Olympic Winter Games. “Bing” means ice and also symbolizes purity and strength, and “Dwen Dwen” represents children. The mascot embodies the strength and willpower of athletes and will help to promote the Olympic spirit.

What Is The Description For 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot?

Bing Dwen Dwen wears a full-body “shell” made out of ice, which resembles an astronaut suit – a tribute to embracing new technologies for a future with infinite possibilities. The shell also helps the panda to skate, snowboard, and ski alongside the Olympic athletes.

The bright colors of the halo around its face are a representation of the latest advanced technologies of the ice and snow sport tracks at the Games, while the heart on its left palm symbolizes China’s hospitality for athletes and spectators at the Winter Olympics.

Who Is The Creator Of 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot?

Cao Xue is the creator of the 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot.


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